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We will flexibly respond to diversifying customer needs, from products for individual customers to solutions for corporate customers, and even installation of EV vehicle charging facilities.


About us

About us

In 1930 (Showa 5), our company, which began with repairing automobiles and installing electrical equipment, will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. The content of products and services has diversified over the years, and now we sell and install "car AVC products" such as car navigation systems and drive recorders, provide commercial products and car solutions, and install charging facilities for EV vehicles. It is widely used by corporate and individual customers, such as business.Shimizu Electric Co., Ltd. will continue to respond to the trends of the times and provide customers with products and services that are safe, secure, and have high added value. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding automotive electronics.


Company profile


Hirofumi Shimizu Representative Director and President


Hirofumi Shimizu Representative Director and President


April 1st.1930


10 million yen

Business content

Sales of electrical components, installation work car audio / visual, car navigation, security system, HID, LED, drive recorder, etc.

Number of employees

45 people (as of March 2019)
※ Group consolidated 75 people

Financial period

Every year March 31 (Once a year)

Major client bank

Shizuoka Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, Nagoya Bank

Main customer

Imported car dealers, Domestic car regular dealer, iImport car sales agent, Used car dealer

Main handling manufacturer

Panasonic Car Electronics, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC Kenwood, Denso Ten,Ryowa, Yupiteru,

Group Companies

Shimizu Foods Co., Ltd.

We will respond flexibly to the diversifying needs of our customers, from products for individual customers to proposals for solutions for corporate customers and installation of charging facilities for EV vehicles.



Always read the times and aim for further leaps forward

Founded in 1930, our history has always been with the automotive electrical equipment business. Since then, along with the growth of the electrical equipment industry, we have deepened our specialized knowledge, refined our technology, and accumulated many achievements. We have received high praise from local customers and people all over the country for the high level of our technical capabilities.

Today, the shift to EVs is accelerating in the world toward the realization of a decarbonized society.I'm fast. In times of great change, the test is to read the times.power and power to act. And the guiding principle for our actions is the spirit of “thanks to you” that has been passed down to us since our founding.

Don't forget to appreciate people, show your best performance, To continue to be a necessary presence. We will strive to I will spare no effort. Shimizu Electric Co., Ltd. aims to make even greater strides toward its 100th anniversary. We will challenge various possibilities not only in Japan but also from a global perspective and push forward.

Representative Director and President
Hirofumi Shimizu



Shimizu Electric Corporation's Four Spirits


We will work together to reform the mind as one with our management philosophy of "thank you," We aim to improve customer satisfaction through management.


We aim to be a flat organization that faces our customers.


We aim to be employees and companies that are trusted by society.


We continually improve the effectiveness of our quality


Thorough 5S

We ensure that products meet requirements Define the required work environment and manage the pictorial picture. Always keep in mind the order in the office,Raise awareness about satellite rights.(Service) On-site staff always maintain the work site I will try.








Head Office

5-2-10, Hondōri,iAoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka , JAPAN

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Shimizu branch office

225-2,Kusunokishinden,Shimizu-ku,Shizuoka-Shi, Shizuoka, JAPAN

Shimizu Foods Co., Ltd.

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Hamamatsu branch office

556-1,wada-cho,Higashi-ku,Hamamatsu-shi,Shizuoka, JAPAN

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Yamanashi Office Scheduled to open in 2024